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MISSION STATEMENT: Provide solutions for the future, here and now.  That means providing a solution that transcends time; a solution that will meet your present needs now and adapt to your future needs. 

Successful businesses must adapt to the market and available workforce.  Zurkan offers manpower specializing (but not limited to) engineering and technical services. 

  • Zurkan has proven experience working with electrical and mechanical systems from close-tolerance machinery to large industrial ones
  • Zurkan provides systems engineering i.e. the development of SCADA, PLC, Code development, IT, DBA, and reporting tools for many small businesses and large corporations
  • Zurkan specializes in project management, automation, installation, startup, as well as troubleshooting and documentation (including blueprints and technical help documents)

Resume and References available upon request.  Look me up in LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/zurkan

Please contact us to discuss what Zurkan can do for you.  Availability and quotes are happily provided.  We look forward to hearing from you! contact@zurkan.com